SilT Homepage

This is the homepage for the Silly Translation library (called SilT).

News (09.06.2003)

New version 0.3 is out ! Again a new module is included (for generating l33t-speech) and some major speed improvements are applied to some modules, so the kenny module is now over 1000 times faster than before on big files (yes, you read right: over 1000 times).

News (11.08.2002)

New version 0.2 is out ! Changes include a new module, rewritten commandline-tool and configuration-support. Download it here and check the Changelog to get a complete list of changes.

News (15.07.2002)

Version 0.1 is out ! Get it from our download-directory or from the Sourceforge download servers.

For more information on SilT look at our Sourceforge project site, which contains all relevant information.

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